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Through the keyhole I watched you dress

Loose lips sink ships

The Compilation of Bandom Picspams!
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... Hi! :D Welcome to withthispicture, the place to satisfy all your bandspam needs!

This is where I post the list of picspams I have collected! (Patrick and Travis approve, see?) Take a look at the intrests to see what bands this comm focusses on mainly. :)

How does this work? Well, it's pretty simple. I browse around LJ and bookmark picspams people have posted. I ask for the spammer's permission and when they give me the a-ok, I add the spam to the appropriate post. Every band has their own post, and then there's a post for multi-band picspams, pairing picspams and other kind of picspams. You can browse them through the links component or the tags.

Then, every on Sunday, I make a post detailing how many spams I added that week and who are in them, which then appears on your flist with appropriate links! So, basically, all you have to do is check your flist and enjoy the picspams! Easy, no?

Membership for the community is open, so feel free to join! :) Posting is restricted though, I'll be the only one posting for the moment. I'm always looking for people to help me out asking for spammers permission, so if you feel like helping out, just comment on the most recent post or contact me! :)

That said, have fun, look around and check out all the goodlooking dudes/girls! If you find a picspam or a band that isn't on here yet, feel free to contact/link me! And, spammers, if I have added your spam and you feel uncomfortable with people having a clear link to your journal, let me know and I will remove you from the list, okay? No big. :)

AIM: fiannafialena
E-mail: missfia@gmail.com
MSN: funky_lady21@hotmail.com