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Updatey Business - Through the keyhole I watched you dress
Loose lips sink ships
Updatey Business
There's been a lot of activity here today! kookykay's been helping me out asking for permission (Anyone else who still feels upto helping, it'd be greatly appreciated! :)) and I've been adding some new spams!

- 7 FOB spams, making a total of 32 spams (10 of indiv. members, 22 of the group)
- 12 MCR spams, making a total of 29 spams (11 of indiv. members, 18 of the group)
- 9 Panic spams, making a total of 25 spams (12 of indiv. members, 13 of the group)
- 15 multi-band spams, making a total of 25
- The multi-band spams also got themselves a seperate post


Current Music: Roxanne - FOB

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